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Wuzhu Technology is an advanced PCB(Printed Circuit Board) manufacturer in China, has been in PCB manufacturing for more than 30 years,has 3 PCB production bases:Meizhou Zhihao, Dongguan Wuzhu and Jiangxi Zhihao. Wuzhu Technology is professional Multilayer PCB, HDI(High Density Interconnect) PCB manufacturer, can produce Anylayer/ELIC (Every Layer Interconnct) HDI PCB, is one of top HDI PCB manufacturers in China.

Printed Circuit Board PCB Manufacturer

Wuzhu/Zhihao can produce various types of PCB, including but not limited to:

Single/double side PCB

Multilayer PCB

High Density Interconnect(HDI) PCB

High Frequency PCB

High Speed PCB

High Frequency Mixed Lamination Multilayer PCB

Flexible PCB(FPC)

Rigid-flex PCB(RFPCB)

Aluminium PCB, and so on

Wuzhu, Advanced PCB Manufacturer
Leading HDI PCB Manufacturer

Wuzhu Group is a well-known PCB manufacturer, a high-end PCB manufacturer with production ability of advanced Multi-layer PCB's and HDI PCB's in China.

HDI(High Density Interconnect) PCBs are those wherein holes are drilled through laser technology with holes size not larger than 0.1mm. Drilling such small holes needs laser drilling. This is a technology with high processing severity. HDI PCBs are mainly used for high-density products like mobile phones, switches, servers and so on.

HDI PCB as a type of advanced product in the PCB industry, with buried microvia and blind microvia, requiring not only professional HDI PCB manufacturing technology but also huge investment in HDI PCB production equipments.

There are few PCB manufacturers who can produce HDI PCB well, and even fewer PCB manufacturers can produce advanced HDI PCB's.

Wuzhu Technology is one of the top PCB manufacturers with the highest production ability of HDI PCB among domestic PCB manufacturers in China.

Mobile phone HDI PCB is the largest usage among various electronic products, and Wuzhu Group is a professional Mobile Phone HDI PCB manufacturer, occupying a leading position in the mobile phone HDI PCB market.

Wuzhu Technology has leading Top HDI PCB production capacity and can produce high-end HDI PCBs. It is one of the most advanced PCB manufacturers in China in terms of HDI PCB production capacity.

Wuzhu Technology produces HDI PCB for many electronic products, such as Mobile Phone HDI PCB, AI HDI PCB, Automotive HDI PCB, Communication Equipment HDI PCB, IOT HDI PCB, Robot HDI PCB, Vehicle Smart Module HDI PCB, Camera HDI PCB, POS Terminal HDI PCB, Smart Wearable Device HDI PCB, Medical HDI PCB, Industrial Control HDI PCB and so on.

High Quality Multilayer PCB , HDI PCB Manufacturer

Wuzhu Technology is High quality Multilayer PCB, HDI PCB manufacturer, advanced PCB manufacturer
Professional PCB Manufacturer for more than 30 years

Wuzhu Technology is established in Year 1993, Professional and experienced PCB manufacturer,high quality multilayer PCB manufacturer, HDI PCB manufacturer for 30+ years
FPC, Rigid-flex PCB Manufacturer

Wuzhu Technology is High Quality FPC, Rigid-flex PCB Manufacturer
Multilayer FPC and Rigid-flex PCB Manufacturer in China
Top Multilayer PCB Manufacturer
Leading HDI PCB Manufacturer in China

Telephone: (+86 ) 137 1357 0469
Wechat: HDIPCBPro

Top Advanced PCB manufacturer
Multilayer PCB manufacturer
HDI(High Density InterConnect) PCB Manufacturer
Flexible PCB FPC manufacturer
Rigid-flex PCB manufacturer
Metal Core PCB(MCPCB) manufacturer
Aluminium Core PCB manufacturer

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