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Multilayer PCB In more complex application requirements, the circuit can be arranged in a multilayer structure and pressed together, and a via circuit is arranged between the layers to connect the circuits of each layer.

The double-sided PCB is both sides are trace layers of insulated material. A multi-layer PCB is a multi-layer wiring layer. There is a dielectric layer between every two layers, and the dielectric layer can be made very thin. Multilayer PCB circuit boards have at least three conductive layers, two of which are on the outer surface, and the remaining layer is synthesized within the insulating board. The electrical connection between them is usually achieved through plated through holes in the cross section of the circuit board.

The circuit board determines the process difficulty and processing price according to the number of wiring surfaces. Ordinary circuit boards are divided into single-sided wiring and double-sided wiring, commonly known as single-sided PCB and double-sided PCB, but high-end electronic products are restricted by product space design factors. In addition to the surface wiring, multilayer PCB can be superimposed inside. During the production process, after each layer of circuits is fabricated, they are positioned and pressed together by optical equipment, so that the multilayer circuits are superimposed on a PCB circuit board. Commonly known as multi-layer PCB circuit board. Any PCB circuit board with more than or equal to 2 layers can be called a multi-layer circuit board. Multi-layer circuit boards can be divided into multi-layer rigid PCB circuit boards, multi-layer flexible PCB(FPC), and multi-layer rigid-flex PCB circuit boards.

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