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PCB aluminum substrate is what we often say aluminum-based circuit board, referred to as aluminum substrate, it is a metal-based copper-clad plate, has good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation performance and mechanical processing performance.

PCB is also the meaning of printed circuit board, but the material of the Aluminum Core PCB Printed Circuit Board is aluminum alloy. In the past, the material of our common PCB Printed Circuit Board is glass fiber and resin, but because the LED generates more heat, the PCB Printed Circuit Board for LED lamps is generally an Aluminum substrate. At present, the commonly used PCB metal substrate material is   aluminum-based copper clad laminate (mainly aluminum-based, copper-based, and a few iron-based) by Metal Core PCB(MCPCB, IMSPCB) manufacturer or Aluminum core PCB manufacturer.

Aluminum-based copper clad laminate is a plate-shaped material made of electronic glass fiber cloth or other reinforced materials impregnated with resin, single resin, etc. as an insulating adhesive layer, covered with copper foil on one or both sides and hot pressed. It is mainly used to process and manufacture aluminum substrate PCB by Aluminum Core PCB manufacturer, which are widely used in TVs, radios, computers, computers, mobile communications, LED lighting and other products.

PCB aluminum substrate material introduction

As a substrate material in the manufacture of aluminum substrates PCB by Aluminum Core PCB manufacturer, metal aluminum-based copper clad laminates are mainly used for interconnection, insulation and support of PCB aluminum substrates, and have a great effect on the transmission speed, energy loss and characteristic impedance of signals in the circuit. influences.

The performance, quality, processability of manufacturing, manufacturing level, manufacturing cost, and long-term reliability and stability of the aluminum PCB substrate are largely determined by the metal aluminum-based copper clad laminate used by aluminum core PCB manufacturer

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